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Andrew J. Tonn is a documentary photographer, writer, and explorer based out of Ohio and Washington, D.C.  He is a member of The Explorers Club, and a Dive Master.

Tonn has worked for newspapers as a staff-writer, photographer, and foreign correspondent and spent years working on documentary projects in Mexico, Central America, Eastern Europe, and South Asia, often partnering with humanitarian, missions, and medical relief organizations. His work focuses on people, the environments in which they live, and borderlands both existential and metaphysical.

His work has been shown in numerous exhibitions, featured on ABC News, and published by National Geographic Press, National Public Radio, Human Nature, Black and White Magazine, Wired Online Magazine, Minority Rights International, and many other publications.

Tonn is currently working on projects documenting remote regions of Central America, the Ganges River, the U.S./Mexico Border, and issues of migration and public health.